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January 17th, 2008 at 07:47 pm

I mentioned about 3 weeks ago that my job (which runs on yearly contracts) was iffy for next fall (teaching, so starting in September). I just found out that I indeed have one more year! This is great not only for next year, but because it makes my planned career transition so much easier. I've been taking classes in accounting in the evenings/summers, and I'm getting close to being done with requirements, but there are still three key classes to take. This gives me the opportunity to take the classes before I move into the accounting world. Since I teach at a college, I can take the classes here for free, so that saves on tuition, too. Also, most of the job searches for beginning accounting jobs are currently done in the fall for jobs that start the following summer. I should be able to do an accounting internship over the summer, then interview for jobs in the fall, and walk out of next years' teaching contract into my new career! I am so relieved I can't even begin to say!

4 Responses to “Phew!!!”

  1. merch Says:

    Wow!!! Sounds like things are lining up for you. Nice.

  2. luxliving Says:


  3. Ima saver Says:

    Good news!!

  4. denisentexas Says:

    Congratulations, that's very good news!

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