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Short Update

June 11th, 2014 at 12:52 pm

The year to date has been reasonably productive. I still haven't attained the BIG goal (finding a salaried job), but I have attained some of the smaller goals on my list. I am at long last a CPA (ten years after starting down the career change path), and I had a reasonably productive tax season, both in terms of productivity and earnings.

I decided to give myself a couple of months after tax season ended to focus on other goals.

First, the fur-kid update. I had to put Teddy down on Jan. 6, shortly after my last blog post. He had gotten so weak that he would walk up 5 steps, his strength would give out, and he'd slither back down the stairs. He had tremendous will to live and might have kept going for another month, but I was afraid he would hurt himself and believed that there would be only increasing distress, so I called in the home euthanasia vet and he passed peacefully, ending my 5 year "hospice" stage (losing my mother and 3 pets during that time).

It was so lonely in the house after he passed (first time in 20 years with no pets) that within two days I had taken on two senior foster cats who had lost their owners. They are both still here--and at least one of them will become permanent.

I have made major inroads on the decluttering front. The storage room is largely cleared except there are still boxes of papers to go thru, weed out, and file the remaining ones properly. But the room itself is usable fir the first time in 3 years. And the rest of the house has been decluttered too, so I can now have guests over for the first time in years. I still have to call the haulers to get rid of some furniture I am parting with that I can't move by myself, and the electric co, who will remove and give me $35 for my old freezer plus remove unused old freon A/Cs for free. That should be done later this week, and the paper sorting I will tackle a couple of hours a day over the summer. I hate temperatures over 80 so I hide inside all summer anyhow.

I haven't worked since 4/15, but I have regularly been attending some professional networking events and completing lots of CPE that is required to maintain my license.

Starting now, I am ramping up the job hunt efforts. The permanent jobs in the smaller tax-focused firms I have targeted don't really open up much until the fall, although there is one listing now that I am excited to apply to, and hopefully I can get some temp work in between. I have unemployment that I can draw until mid-October, plus additional savings from tax season, so hopefully I won't have to take too much from my inherited funds to get me through.

I remain optimistic about my future prospects for the moment, and have been enjoying the additional time to focus on personal issues after the past few crazy years. And I'm looking forward to seeing two friends whom I haven't seen in a while during the next month and driving up to visit a friend who owns a cabin on Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks some time over the summer. That will be my first trip out of town in 3 years!