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How many jobs have you had?

February 22nd, 2017 at 02:48 am

We are having an unseasonably warm week, so I walked to work yesterday and today. On the way home today, I made a mental inventory of the different jobs I've had.

In reverse chronological order, 10 jobs since changing careers from teaching psychology to the financial services arena (tax prep/ CPA/financial planner). That covers Sept 2009 to the present.

Six psychology teaching jobs since getting my PhD, 1989-2009.

Six varied employment positions during my education.

Two Schedule C businesses along the way, the first as an undergrad (statistics consultant) and the second (writer/editor) as a sideline while a professor.

Grand total: 24.

Plus if I had filed as a minor, I might have filed another two Schedule Cs: babysitter and street musician!

7 Responses to “How many jobs have you had?”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Let's see -- my first position was as a student worker in the alumni office. Then I switched to the college library. That became a full-time job. I switched to a different position in the same library. Then I went to grad school and became a research assistant. Then took a job in the university library. Got a better job in a community college library. Moved and started a job at a new university library -- got promoted to two higher positions. Had a baby and quit. Went back to work when my second child was four -- at a public library. Got promoted. Got divorced and moved. Began again at the former university library. Quit to go to school and get a teacher's certificate. Hated student teaching, so went back to the library -- a different branch. Worked at that one for ten years, then switched to a development research job. Spent twelve years there. Took early retirement. Went back to work when the economy crashed, another research position at a college. Retired for good after six years. Now I'm a contract worker at a museum. So -- 17?

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Grown-up jobs? I dropped out of college one year to work at an insurance company in their actuarial dept, then back to school working as a waitress, then taking orders for a big retail florist, then various jobs at a brokerage house for almost ten years, then asset allocation at another brokerage house, then moved and went to grad school. I guess I'd count the TA job, teaching at a couple schools part time, some consulting work fairly regularly, and my permanent teaching job now. That's something like nine or ten, I think. I sometimes think I'd do something else--and daydream about working for my favorite feminist bookstore in London. Or teach an adult ed class on financial planning for folks on a modest budget. It seems like I like books and money, doesn't it? I like learning people's job histories!

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Not counting high school and college jobs, My full time jobs have been:
    Substitute teaching (6 months)
    Office temp (about 3 months at 2 places)
    Mailroom/supply clerk (3 months, laid off)
    Office temp (2 months at 1 place)
    Proofreader (4 months, laid off)
    Proofreader (8 months)
    Editor (7 years)
    Editor/writer (11 years and counting)
    So I guess that's 8 jobs as an adult, but over 18 years at just two places. The other 6 jobs all happened in a little over 2 years!

    I've also had side jobs here and there of data entry, tax prep, freelance writing, freelance proofreading.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    If I added high school and college jobs (none of which were full-time), that would be about 5 more: office assistant, babysitter, newspaper delivery, pizza delivery, copy center assistant.

  5. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    2 jobs. Both as a bookkeeper. First job I had for just under 27 years. The current job is just over 2 years.

  6. Dido Says:

    CB: My mom worked at a university library for a while before becoming a book indexer. She was working at the U while I was going to school there, so we would meet for lunch occasionally.

    MEC: Books & money seems to be a theme here! It certainly is with me!

    CJ: Writing & editing, hmm? Fiction or nonfiction, and, if the latter, what content area?

    KC: 27 years, wow! It always floors me when people manage to stay at one job for so long. I'm afraid that the longest I've ever worked for a single employer was 8 years.

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    Nonfiction; marketing stuff. I write fiction for fun.

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