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Last weekend and this one..and then two after this

April 27th, 2019 at 07:39 am

I did go to that squat workshop last weekend. Useful but my quads hurt for the next 3 days! Good hurt tho, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I need to work into some kind of routine of doing strength and mobility work, but that is something for after May 10th (which is when my schedule at work will calm down a bit).

I have been successful in walking most mornings of the week since tax season ended, so I'm getting 10k steps or more 4 days a week. That's my beginning fitness level for the year and I will build from there. 2018 was a bad year with only 21 days with 10k+ steps all year according to my Fitbit. I will have that many for the year to date after today, and we're not quite a third of the way through. If I get about 4 per week for the rest of the year, I'll have about 160 10K plus days by year's end. I'm going to target that as a goal.

My walks have been ending most mornings with a talk with a neighbor who lives half a block away. I've known her vaguely for the entire time I've lived in my house. Back when we first met, when I had Henry, her younger son was a toddler who would come out to greet Henry, and she was teaching sociology at the local community college. Now I'm the one who stops to pet *her* dog--a cute 4-month-old yellow Lab puppy named Daisy. The neighbor sits out with her most mornings at around 7, which is when I've been walking. I've learned through our discussions that the neighbor is now too disabled to work because of fibromyalgia. Her younger son, now 14, is living with her ex-husband 80 miles away, and, though she has a roommate to help with expenses, she's fearful about the possibility of losing her house while she waits for the disability claims to actually kick in. The puppy is what prevents her from becoming seriously depressed. She's a decade younger than me, and my talks with her make me very glad that I have a private disability policy as well as one through work.

Last weekend I had two seders I was invited to. I didn't go Friday night because it was rainy, half an hour's drive away, and I was cranky and feeling unsociable. That seder, I heard, lasted over 3 hours so I am glad I didn't go. Not what I needed on a Friday night after a tough week. I did go to a different friend's seder on Saturday, and the folks who hosted that seder were much quicker about going through it (probably because there were four grandkids ages 1-8 in attendance), and I left early in any case.

I finally got going on studying for my current CFP course, but I'm behind. Hoping to make some progress this morning after I finish this entry.

Then the local Food Co-Op is hosting a craft fair and I will go out there for a couple of hours and take a long walk somewhere other than my neighborhood, and go and do my weekly errands and then chores at home.

The servers at the office were bogged down Wednesday through Friday--Wednesday they were pretty much non-functional, and Thursday and Friday response times on any work that required using our online documents were slow as molasses. I have a super-busy week next week, 5 big client meetings and only 2/3 of one meeting prep is done, so I will be in the office most of Sunday, except for my daily walk and a spiritual writing group meeting with women from my congregation.

Next weekend will be another weekend of more of the same: errands, chores, CFP studying, walking, and work, but in two weekends, Patient Saver and I are planning a meet-up. We've met 3 times before--first back in 2011 when a trip to a family wedding took me past her town, then in 2015 when we met for a night at a bed & breakfast part-way in between, last year, when I spent a night at her house. This year, we're meeting part-way in between again, but won't stay overnight since we both have senior kitties to go home to tend to. We live about 3 hours apart so a 90-minute drive for each of us brings us to a quaint town on the PA-NY border, which we will spend the day exploring. That will be my first real adventure of the summer!

On financial matters: my retirement account hit an all-time high with the day's close yesterday; currently 8.8% up from year-end, and nearly 100k higher a balance compared with 12/31/16. My spending credit cards are currently up since I did a little bit of clothes shopping plus the usual, but by the time both the 4/30 and 5/15 paychecks have hit, my total debt should be down 1k from 3/31. Chipping away bit by bit.

2 Responses to “Last weekend and this one..and then two after this”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Stories of early health issues is what is driving me more and more to take better care of myself in all areas. Sleep, hydration, clean foods, exercise and more. Great job making some improvements for yourself!

    I'm sure our accounts are at an all time high as well. Need to log in and confirm!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hopefully our accounts continue to increase!

    I'm with you on the taking care of myself, mentally and physically. I do some exercises in the morning. I am not marathon woman by any means, but I do feel it helps.

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