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Basement incident and finally a bit of (forced) decluttering

May 27th, 2019 at 11:19 am

I had a little basement snafu this week, which has at least gotten me started on my long-deferred decluttering project.

I forgot to turn off my outside spigot and open up the pipe this year. I didn't burst the pipe right away, but apparently expanded it a little. Then two weeks ago, I had my gardener put in some sod where the borders had gotten very weedy, and he told me to water it twice a day for two weeks, which led to my buying a soaker hose to save myself the time. The extra pressure on the pipes that built up from the soaker hose was enough to burst the pipe, and I didn't discover it right away. Fortunately, I also didn't discover it too late--it was at the point where about half of the basement had about 2" of water.

A neighbor brought over his Shop-Vac and helped me get rid of the standing water. Then I bought I dehumidifer to finish drying it out, plus I had to get rid of about a dozen boxes that had been sitting on the floor. Much of the contents were salvagable, some were not. I've been spending the weekend using this as an impetus to do some decluttering, since I need to call a Dr. Clutter tomorrow. So much extra stuff has built up over the past 2.5 years when I've been at this job and my health has been somewhat sub-optimal (thyroid & adrenal issues) that this round manages to merely get me back to about where I was before I started the job.

I have another vacation period coming up right before & after Independence Day when I hope to make further inroads. I don't expect to get rid of all the excess this year, but perhaps another year or two of spending Memorial Day and Independence Day working on the project will get me back to where I would have been if I'd been getting rid of the excess accumulation all along.

Prior to now in my adult life, I was moving every few years (staying between 1 & 7 years at each residence), but I've now been in my house for 14 years, during which I lost my mother, 3 pets, and changed careers twice and jobs 11 times), so clutter has accumulated like never before in my life. I don't think I'll get to doing Marie Kondo tidying or Swedish death cleaning just yet, but I do think I am at the point of maximum accumulation of "stuff" and I'd like to spend the next few years decluttering in preparation for being able to sell this house.

It's actually by American standards a rather small house (1166 square feet), but it's way too much space for ME, and things have expanded to fill the space. I actually do not use the two biggest rooms in the house (the living room and the master bedroom) very much at all. The living room only gets used when there is company and the master bedroom has become the master storage room. Financially, the home has been a good deal (I now pay about half in mortgage what I would be paying in rent if I were still a renter), but I plan to pay off the house at age 65 (2025) and move sometime between 65 and 70 (after I retire), so even though that is still some years off, I'm thinking more in terms of preparing to sell and move than anything else.

A visit with a fellow blogger

May 12th, 2019 at 04:57 pm

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit with Patient Saver, the fourth time, I believe, we have met in person. We've both been on the site since 2006, and met in person first back in 2011, when a trip to a family wedding took me near where she lives. Last year I drove to visit her. This year, we opted to meet in the middle for a day trip. We live about 3 hours apart, so each of us had a quite reasonable 1.5 hour drive each way.

We met in a small town near where PA, NJ, and NY converge. First we went for a hike to waterfalls that are part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Then we had brunch at an historic 1800s Hotel. We stopped at the visitor center and I bought a brochure for a walking tour of some architectural highlights of the town. Then we did the tour. There was a museum along the way that we had hoped to stop in at, but it was closed despite the sign on the door saying that it opened at 1 pm on Saturdays. We each got our 10,000 steps in! After a stop for ice cream, we parted ways and I got home around 5.

Definitely a nice change of pace after being all but chained to my desk the past month, and we lucked out on having gorgeous weather--it's gray and rainy today, but yesterday was perfect!