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Spending 7-2 to 7-7

July 7th, 2007 at 08:46 pm

My computer is being "held hostage" in the shop over the holiday week (I completely forgot the 4th was a holiday, and they took the rest of the week off), so I haven't been able to log in except by going to the library.

Spending since 7/1

July 2

Grocery: 20.17

July 3
Drugstore: 18.96

July 4
Dining: 6.25
Video rental: 1.75
Total: 8.00 (nonessentials)

Then I've been in "holiday weekend" mode since this is the only weekend I have with no class commitments looming over me, so I've spent a bit the past few days.

July 5
Veterinarian: $10
Auto-fuel: $29.32
Total: $40.32

July 6
Dining: $11.00 (nonessential)

July 7
Clothing: $98.32 (a swim suit, a pair of summer clogs, a pair of water shoes, and a shirt) at the sale at LL Beans) (items worth $134 if not on sale, so I saved over 25%). Arguably nonessential, except possibly the swim suit (I discovered yesterday that the old one is unwearable) but I'll get good use out of it. Also tomorrow I'll spend $15 for an introductory kayaking class that Bean's offers. I do like living near one of their outlets!
Dining: $12.59
Total: 110.91

That's $209.36 of spending so far this month, $19 of which is clearly nonessential. But that's less than 10%, and I think the "extras" of the couple of meals out, the video rental (The Da Vinci Code), and tomorrow's kayaking trip will help give me a sense of having had a tiny bit of real vacation during this generally hard-working summer. Hopefully this little bit of getting off track will help me stay on better track the rest of the month.

1 Responses to “Spending 7-2 to 7-7”

  1. Paula Says:

    Hello Dido, I came upon this site because I just received unauthorized charges on my phone bill from "The Billing Resource" so I googled them (since I've never heard of them - surprise, surprise, huh?!) and your blog showed up in my results. I didn't read much of your blog so I'm not quite sure what all your troubles are but I'm happy for your successes, nonetheless! =) I did notice in your bio that you mentioned a certain book having had a big impact on your life so I checked my local library's online catalog to see if they had it, and they actually have TWO books with that very name that are at least 15 years old. Soooo, I was just wondering if you would please clarify which book it was that you read (perhaps you could add the author's name to your bio?). I have no idea why I was strangely compelled to look up that book -- maybe I'm in need of an awakening myself? Thank you in advance for your time and may Godspeed. ~Paula

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