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Food, Then & Now

January 8th, 2008 at 12:26 am

I thought I'd write up what my typical eating patterns have been like the past few months compared to now, after making a conscious effort to "detox" my diet both for health and financial purposes. I'm listing two days worth of eating since that gives a better picture than one.

In both cases you'll note that I eat 5-6 times a day--that's the only way my hunger stays in control. Once I've done this for a month, I'll compare the financial savings--right now there's a little financial data but mostly calories:

Then: Typical Fall semester eating days

Get up at 6, have a bowl of cold cereal & soymilk and coffee
Go in to work at 8, hungry & buy an egg & cheese on bagel sandwich & a cup of coffee for ~$3.50
Teach. Lunch at desk--Easy Mac.
Go home. Afternoon snack--fruit & yogurt.
Dinner. chicken soup reheated from crockpot cooking, bread, salad.
Evening snack: bread & cheese

Breakfast: pb&j sandwich, soymilk
Lunch: at home, Amy's roasted veggie wrap, salad.
Snack: energy bar & coffee on way in to office; ~$2.50
Dinner: Taco Bell or Burger King or turkey & mashed potatoes from the convenience store ~$6
Snack: fruit & yogurt

Eating out average $6/day
# bought meals/snacks: 1.5/day
# prepared food meals: 1/day
# meals from home ingredients: 3/day
average calories/day: 2300

Now: Current eating
6:30 oatmeal & hardboiled egg
9:30 whey shake, fruit
11:30 lunch; beans & greens soup, quinoa, salad, fruit
5:30 dinner: tilapia, asparagus, kale & onions; grapes; acai sorbet
9: rice cake & soymilk

6:30 oatmeal
9 egg, whey shake
11:30 arugala salad, baked tofu, fruit & nuts
2 hummus, carrots & celery
4 apple
7 1/2 spaghetti squash, 1/2 cup tomatoe sauce, asparagus, berries
9 whey shake

Eating out average: once in 10 days so $1/day
only prepared meals I'm having are the whey shakes and the baked tofu
more veggies, fewer grains
average calories/day: 1800

3 Responses to “Food, Then & Now”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Good show. I like the shift from cold cereals to oatmeal, and for grazing throughout the day. Did you have headaches weaning yourself from coffee?

  2. Dido Says:

    Yes, I had one very headachey day, and it took a full week before I felt alert without the caffeine. I slept a lot that week! I weaned myself from the coffee before I made any changes in the food and that helped--it would have been hard to do both at once.

  3. carol hardie Says:

    hi there just found your site,i too am trying to get my weight down,i have to eat lots of low GI foods and keep the carb intake to a minimum,which i find really hard as i love bread i find it really hard to have just one slice,i just want the whole loaf,especially when i make it myself, i have about 6 small snacks a day i walk one hour every morn,i weigh 68kgs have to lose 8kgs DR,s orders oh well soldier on,have to be healthy,regards carol from down under

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