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Goal review and mini-milestone

June 3rd, 2018 at 08:54 pm

Looking back at my goals for 2018 (in the side bar):

1. I'm falling behind on the CFP coursework--started out strong but the heavy workload at my job from the beginning of the year until now overwhelmed me. Still a work in progress and hoping to catch back up with the CFP over the summer.

2. With the heavy workload came a lack of focus on health. As things have now calmed down, I am turning my attention here as my weight has crept up to the highest in over a decade--ugh. I'm back to intermittent fasting, which worked for me well in 2016 and have lost about 5 pounds in the first 10 days. Water weight, I know, but always nice to get a good start. I am also experimenting with something else that I will blog about eventually if it is successful.

3. The home environment, as ever, ends up on the back burner. I'll really work on it after I'm done with the CFP. But for now, I had the yard cleared out and I'm getting a few big items out of the basement, and my annual visitor comes on the 23rd so the house will get back to its status quo by then, but I'm not sure if I'll make progress on the big decluttering I need to do.

4. Debt reduction is going well so far, although I always make the most progress at the beginning of the year. The mini-milestone is that I'm now back under 88K which was about the level my debt was when I left my teaching career and started the difficult decade of changing careers along with loss of my mom and three pets. So in a way it feels like beginning again, and hopefully it's just downward from here on out. I am making good progress on the mortgage, paying extra each month to get the total down to an even multiple of 100, which amounts to about 1.5 full extra mortgage payments over the course of the year, and I'm feeling relatively certain that I'll pay it off by 2026 and hopeful that I'll meet my goal of paying it off in 2025 (a total of 20 years).

5. I've maintained although not expanded my social life. June is a relatively social month. I'm going to visit Patient Saver next weekend and I have my annual Shakespeare Fest visitor coming on the 23rd.

6. I took a full week off ending with Memorial Day. Just sat by the river and read!

4 Responses to “Goal review and mini-milestone”

  1. GoodLiving Says:

    Sitting by the river and reading, sounds wonderful!

    I was considering taking some accounting classes just to expand my skills. I don't know that I would want to be a financial planner but someone who might work part time and do booking keeping...

    How are you enjoying that versus your time as an academic?

  2. Dido Says:

    I really like the feeling of helping people--as opposed to college students, where they are focused on satisfying degree requirements.

    I chose accounting because of its flexibility. I started out in tax and can see myself going back and doing that for a while after I am done with full time work. Bookkeeping has the same flexibility.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    @Dido - it's funny you say that. I don't think people generally perceive accounting as a job that helps people (quite the opposite). Wink But I've always found my career to be very satisfying re: "helping people".

  4. Dido Says:

    MM: It's not the accounting, actually; it's the financial planning angle where we help. People definitely resent the tax payment obligation part, but when you can suggest something like a 72(t) election or point out taxpayers who are eligible for Restricted Application on Social Security, they are definitely grateful. Plus since my role is explicitly financial planning now, I also do things like help people find recommended service providers, review insurance policies and note coverage gaps, etc. The prospective angle is definitely more gratifying than the historical record angle!

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