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Goal update, retirement progress, high school reunion quandry

August 1st, 2018 at 10:29 pm

Time for a periodic check-in on my goals (listed in the side bar).

1. Job/CFP coursework: I am still working on getting timelier but I have made some progress. As far as the CFP coursework, I should complete my second course for the year today (I just have to take the final exam). I am hoping to complete at least one more of the 7 courses by the end of the year, which still leaves 2 more courses and the exam, which I'll take in 2019--most likely next July. In addition, I also did some writing for the firm including 4 articles on our company blog, one article for the local business journal, and one article in a professional journal. (The writing has interfered with becoming timelier and with making more progress on the CFP coursework, and I've now gotten an agreement that they won't push me to write until I'm done with the CFP's been hard to do the job, the writing, and studying for the CFP all at once).

2. Taking care of myself: I am back to intermittent fasting as of 5/24 and am down about 10 pounds using an "easy" fasting schedule of 16:8 to 18:6. Also did a half price trial at a local gym which I liked very much as I was working mostly one on one with a trainer; trying to figure out how to afford a couple of more months at their full rate.

3. Creating a peaceful home environment. Slow progress here; did one 3 hour session with a personal organizer and made some progress on the kitchen; will try to make a bit more progress this year but will push on this after the CFP exam.

4. Reducing debt by 10.5K--about 8K down, although the next couple of months with professional expenses and planning vacation are the most expensive of the year, so may backslide.

This goal was originally to increase net worth, but I changed it after the markets were kind of wonky in February & March. But I saw CJ's post about increasing retirement balances, so I tracked mine in a similar format:

2011: 137K (+17k)
2012: 335K (+198K, of which 171K was from my mom's estate)
2013: 353K (+18K)
2014: 393K (+40K)
2015: 407K (+10K)
2016: 436K (+29K)
2017: 485K (+49K)
7/18: 492K (+7K) Hoping to break 500K by EOY

My Net Worth in total broke 550K as of 7/31. I think it will reach 600K in 2020 barring a big recession.

5. Maintain my social life: Have done that. As far as expanding, I have attended one rehearsal of a community orchestra that 3 friends belong to and went for drinks with some after, so this is promising.

6. Taking more time off: Doing slightly better here. This is actually really hard for me to do. So far this year I've taken 8 days off (of the 20 total PTO days I have at my disposal); last year by this time I had taken 7. I took 13 days of my 20 in 2017. If I try to take 2 days each month that would be 18, but I don't know that I'll do it. Still struggling with whether I am going to go to my 40-year high school reunion in October. That's across country so it would be an expensive trip--for a one-night dinner. It would be fun to see people, but I tend to hate these group situations; I much more enjoy talking with people one-on-one. I'm not the person that people will go out of their way to make time to talk to. So far I have reserved time on my calendar at work for the trip but I haven't made reservations. Also kind of loathe to spend the money--it's probably a thousand dollar trip in total. I really should decide soon, though.

6 Responses to “Goal update, retirement progress, high school reunion quandry”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    My mom went to her 60th class reunion last month and was disappointed that people she wanted to see were not there. She sort of felt like she went to a party with strangers! Do you know of anyone in particular that is going that you want to see? Personally, I'm in touch with the people that meant the most to me in high school, so I find no need to go to these events especially being from out of state at this point. But if you really would find meaning in making those connections the trip sounds like a good time!

  2. Dido Says:

    CCF, yes, that's the problem. If I knew that a couple of the people I felt closest to would be there, I'd be excited to go. As it is, there are people whom I've reconnected with on Facebook who are going, but I think that they have other friends they will be more excited to see than me. The idea of spending $1,000 and then feeling kind of "left out" is I guess what puts me off. If it were longer than just dinner, then there would be more chance to connect, but it's just cocktails and dinner.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I went to my 40-year college class reunion last year. I saw hardly anybody I knew, and I felt kind of out of place because it seemed that most of the crowd regularly came to reunions and knew each other from that, if not from their college days. It might make sense to touch base with someone you want to see first, to see if they're going.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Yay on breaking 550K!

    My husband has been to his high school reunions and most of the people were friends and everyone was friendly. My class hasn't had a reunion in years and I doubt if I would go since the folks I hung around with are either too poor to attend or too far away and have no family left.

  5. Butterscotch Says:

    Why not take a fraction of what the trip to the reunion would cost you and sign up for some kind of activity or class? Check out your local community college and see what kind of fun classes they are offering this fall? Maybe an art or cooking class? Perhaps an art history class that involves attending museums? You might make a new local friend or two.

  6. PatientSaver Says:

    I like Butterscotch's idea; I think I'd skip the reunion due to cost and the uncertainty of seeing anyone there I wanted to talk to. My mother went to a reunion when she was in her 70s and was overall disappointed and didn't know anyone there.

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