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The last 4 months

July 18th, 2020 at 05:54 pm

The last time I blogged here, we had just been put on shut-down orders.

I've now been back at the office for a month, although I'm working around the person whose desk is nearest mine. That's still 10' away, so not too scary. Her son works at a grocery store, though, so I worry that she is the likeliest person in our office to have an asymptomatic exposure. Over the summer she is part-time, so she works at the office 1 day a week and I'm in the other 4. Once school starts in another 5 weeks, I'll have to work with her there. Hopefully the case numbers will be going down again by then.

We're just beginning to do client meetings in person, but so far I am able to participate in those by Zoom, and as a business centered around client meetings, I imagine that we will see some of our clients who prefer to meet that way all or most of the time going forward.

The stay-at-home orders did lead to a bit of weight gain after about 2 months, so I went back to intermittent fasting as of 5/28 and lost the weight I had gained and then some. I'm hoping to make IF a permanent lifestyle. We'll see how I feel about that in the fall when the weather cools. I first tried IF in 2016 and again in 2017 and in 2018, each time falling off the wagon in the winter. My appetite seems to roar back in the mornings in cold weather. So we'll see what happens this year. I really do want to make it long term and continue to lose weight. I turn 60 next month and have a certain goal weight I want to make it to by then. I've plateaued the past week, which is frustrating since I was making steady progress until then. Anyways, if I can keep this going as a permanent lifestyle change, I would get to my ideal weight next year and then just focus on keeping it there.

Speaking of weight, the pandemic has certainly led to a change in my eating habits. I've long gone out for meals 2-4 times a week, and out to the grocery store weekly. Now the last time I set foot in a restaurant was March 8th and into a grocery store March 19th. I've had a couple of months where I didn't do take-out; now I do it occasionally but not more than once a week. And instead of the grocery store, I'm mostly relying on one of the meal delivery services, Hungryroot, for my shopping. I like this service more than most meal deliveries because they are delivering to you *prepared ingredients* (pre-cooked meats, pre-chopped veggies, prepared sauces) that you then mix and heat for a meal. The "recipes" (if you can call them that) take about 5 minutes, and the cooked meats don't seem to have a lot of chemicals and the sauces often have a chickpea based since the company started out as vegetarian only. Then I supplement this with extra veggies from farmers I know who usually sell to NYC restaurants; they started an online store when the NYC restaurants shut down and so far have maintained it. There's also a home milk delivery service that I use about once a month to get cheese, yogurt, cream, and some additional meats. So I've avoided stepping inside anywhere except home and the office since 3/19. I haven't even driven more than a mile from my house since then!

One thing that's been hurt by the pandemic is my exercise routine. I had joined a gym that I really like with a one-year commitment for over $100 a month. The gym has been very good about providing online classes even after they were allowed to re-open. I, however, just am not at all good at participating in online classes. I need the weight of social expectations in order to complete a full workout The few times I've tried the online workouts, I get 15 or 20 minutes into it and quit--which is what I'd do at the gym, too, except for the eyes of others upon me. Still working this one out. Right now the thing that works best is finding audiobooks and reserving certain books to listen to only when I walk. I'm currently "reading" Mary Trump's book this way. So that helps with keeping generally active but doesn't build strength, endurance, or flexibility.

In other news, some successes: my Net Worth hit 600k this month, 3 years after first hitting 500k; my debt is down 10.8k from year-end; and, after 4.5 years, I finally completed the CFP coursework. I still have the exam to do. I'm probably waiting until next July to take it since otherwise I would have to get into study mode right away for the September exam (which is the July 2020 exam deferred for COVID--first they deferred it and then finally this week they allowed for remote proctoring rather than having to go into a Prometric Center. If they had had the Remote Proctoring option back at the end of June when I made this decision, I might have opted to dive right into studying for the September exam, but now I'd be behind the 8-ball. I'm going to take a practice exam this weekend and decide--if it's just a few pockets of things that I really need to work on (the investment calculations and the rules, costs, and benefits of all the various retirement plans being known areas of weakness), then I might decide to go for the September exam, but if I just need improvement all around, I'll wait until next year.

9 Responses to “The last 4 months”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    That's an interesting summary of the past months. I think your experiences are similar to many people's--less eating out, some weight gain, etc. I put my Fitbit on this morning for the first time since shutdown. My daily walk is shorter than I thought at 4400 steps, but it's time to ramp it up.

  2. Wink Says:

    I had takeout for the first time this week since March. I was just so tired of my own cooking! I've been struggling the most with exercise. I have been walking, but not as consistently as I used to. I'm interested in trying IF, I just need to do a little research on it.

  3. Dido Says:

    Wink, I recommend Gin Stephen's books (and her Facebook Group, Delay Don't Deny, if you are on FB). You could start with her first book, Delay, Don't Deny, or just go for the most recent, Fast, Feast, Repeat. I've read them all (there's one in the middle as well--the research keeps on getting updated so FFR has the most up-to-date info. Gin is a recently retired science teacher, so she pays good attention to the science. I also like Bert Herring's The Power of Appetite Correction. (He also has a FB group--and I first learned of Gin back in 2016 when she was celebrating a year of keeping her weight off--she followed Bert Herring while doing it, and she incorporates (with acknowledgement) some of the key lessons that she learned into her work. Then if you want a deeper dive into the science, go to Dr. Jason Fung's The Obesity Code. Again, you'll get an intro to Dr. Fung's work in Gin's books, which is why she is the place I recommend that you start.

  4. Wink Says:

    Dido, Thank you for the recommendations!

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Thanks for the update! Always good to hear from you!

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the person you work with doesn't share anything you don't want, but it sounds like you are doing well overall.

  7. Lucky Robin Says:

    I think the pandemic really changed how we eat and how we exercise, too. And even though our gym has reopened now the pool has not, so we are going to cancel completely now, which will free up some money in the budget for other things. You are lucky to have so many delivery options to help keep you safe.

  8. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I actually found an awesome online dance class subscription which is $85 for one year. Instead of focusing on whatever the gym have online why don’t you think about some exercise you wouldn’t mind doing at home? The dance classes I have been doing are called Body Groove (through iTunes) and they focus on making dancing fun instead of perfection. It’s a great 30 minute workout. Or maybe try a style of dancing or do some yoga?

  9. LifeBalance Says:

    It's good to hear from you. It sounds like you've been productive during this shutdown!

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